Why Is Your Smile An Important Tool In Life? | Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Alex Midtown NYC

Why Is Your Smile An Important Tool In Life?

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“Smile, an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me…” crooned Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees once. The sentiment is surely felt by people all over the world; a smile connects people, even though they may be far apart. There are many reasons why it is so important, and we will list them below:

It Makes You Look Attractive

No one really notices if you have messy hair, a crumpled shirt, or mismatched socks if you arrest their attention with your smile. It can draw people in, making you attractive to the beholder. In particular, people tend to be attracted to positive feelings, and the facial expression produces positivity.

It Can Cheer Up Someone Else

Now this is a contagious disease you want to spread! A smile is very contagious and can be caught by anyone around you easily. Seeing you do it can make someone else mimic the action because it passes on the positive energy.

It Works As Stress Relief

When you are stressed and upset, sometimes a smile can do wonders to lift the burdens from your chest and shoulders. In addition, smiling can push out the stress you feel, and when you approach people with a smile it doesn’t show to them that you may be stressed about something.

It Changes Your Mood

Sometimes life gets us down, but we can lift it up again with a smile. Physically making that action on your face increases the endorphins in your body and actually makes you feel better and more positive.

It Can Relieve Pain

People in pain sometimes force themselves to smile. Why? Smiling releases serotonin and endorphins, which cut through the feelings of pain. It is a natural drug that you can get for free, if you only smile!

It Boosts The Immune System

A gentle smile can be a considerable fighter against diseases and illnesses, as a smile relaxes your body and improves your body functions, especially your immune system.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

Smiling also reduces blood pressure. Try it — monitor yourself with a blood pressure monitor and you’ll see!

It Increases Your Youthfulness

A person who smiles often exudes a much more youthful vibe than a person who hardly smiles. The muscles used for smiling also lifts the face — a natural facelift!

It Gives The Impression Of Success

When you smile, you look more confident. This makes people feel more confident in you, and is more likely to get you approached, or may even land you a job promotion.

It Keeps You Positive

Try smiling widely, and then thinking negative thoughts. It is surely harder to do that and maintain one, or to think less than positive thoughts while smiling. Keeping a smile on your face helps you to stay positive in your life.

If you are self conscious about your teeth and mouth, there is no need to fear. Dr Alex Rubinov can help you to fix your smile and give you a “smile makeover” so that your smile will be something you can be proud to show to the world. Contact him today for a consultation!