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Why Cleaning Your Invisalign Retainer Is Important?

Invisalign retainer

There are two essential laws for Invisalign. Wear them regularly and keep them clean. This article reviews why cleaning your Invisalign retainer is essential.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Retainers

After your orthodontic treatment, wearing retainers is essential for each patient. Over the retention period, complete compliance with wearing retainers is required for ensuring the stability of pos orthodontic tooth placements. Just like you need to protect teeth and preserve their cleanliness or free from bacteria – some similar care must be made for your retainers.

Your retainers are placed inside oral spaces and next to teeth. Thus logically, this then collects plaque and bacterial build-up.  All of this gets put straight up on your teeth and gums when you initially put your retainers back inside your orifice without cleaning these adequately.

Thus, akin to brushing your teeth minimally twice daily, cleaning your retainers must be part of your oral hygiene regimen. Using a soft-bristled brush, gently brush your retainers each time you brush your teeth. Do not apply toothpaste because abrasive particles damage the retained surface, and craft spheres for correct bacterial colonization. Do not put the retainers in mouthwash; apply the special retainer cleansing liquids or tablets.

Supposing you feel that your retainers are not fitting correctly or making your teeth hurt, you must contact your orthodontist as quickly as possible to get your retainer inspected.

To regularly maintain your retainers, clean them to help ensure you achieve the desired results. Failure to wear your retainers as prescribed by your orthodontist results in relapse (allowing the teeth to shift), and you might end up with more cycles of orthodontic treatments or incur added costs.

The Stages of Wearing Invisalign

In some situations, your orthodontist might place a long-term retainer at the back of your teeth. Patients who attach these may put on retainers daily as they brush and dine. A dentist may take out these retainer forms, and upon these being removed, patients get the removable retainers to wear overnight.

 The initial 3-6 Months: Over this period, retainers must be put on for 22 hours daily or longer. They can only be taken off by brushing, flossing, or for meals.

 The initial two years: Following initial retainer wearing, you may start to wear your retainers only during sleeping time.

 After the third year to the remainder of living, you may occasionally wear your retainers. Lapsing from night to night remains no real fuss.

Time Needed to Keep Invisalign On

How long do you have to wear a retainer? A practical habit to ideally maintain is that you might require your retainer for just a short time interval length above the time you kept your braces on. Hence, if you put your braces on over two years, expect to keep your retainers only for slightly beyond two years, while you could ease off from full days to just nights or merely several nights per week.

With Invisalign, you’ll wear a series of aligners, not just one set. Every week, you’ll get a new set designed to move your teeth slightly more as you progress. Combined with the latest technologies, your teeth can move faster. After treatment, you’ll wear a retainer for a period. There are two essential laws for Invisalign. Wear them regularly and keep them clean. This article reviews why cleaning your Invisalign retainer is essential.