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When Is It Time To Schedule A Dentist Visit?

When Is It Time To Schedule A Dentist Visit

It is recommended that everyone visits a dentist at least twice a year in order to maintain proper oral health. However, many people wait until they have a dental issue to see a dentist. When you are tied up with running errands, attending to your family and managing work responsibilities, finding time for dental check-ups can be a challenge. No matter how hectic your schedule, you should make time to squeeze dentist appointments as often as possible.

Apart from the normal dental check-up visits, there are cases when you need to visit a professional dentist earlier than your appointed time. There are signs that you should never overlook that may be an indication that it’s time to see your dentist. Bleeding gums and tooth pain are some of the signs that indicate it is time for a dental visit. Other signs include:

Having a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Are you experiencing a bad taste or an odor in your mouth that doesn’t seem to go away even after brushing? This can be a sign of a serious underlying issue such as a saliva gland infection. Persistent bad breath can also be caused by uncontrolled bacteria and dry mouth. Your dentist can offer some solutions for this problem and offer advice based on your lifestyle.

When Diagnosed With Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can cause acids in the stomach to climb up the esophagus. Serious cases of acid reflux can cause these acids to sometimes climb as far as the mouth. The presence of stomach acids in the mouth can result in tooth erosions and other dental problems. Visiting your dentist can limit the damage done on your teeth and your dentist will allow you to create an action plan to save your teeth.

Waking Up With Headaches Frequently

If you find yourself going to bed fine but waking up with headaches, you could be unknowingly clenching or grinding your teeth at night. If this is happening, you may also notice that your jaws are sore when chewing your first meal of the day. Teeth grinding, TMJ, and jaw misalignment are issues that can be resolved by your dentist. Your dentist can offer solutions such as mouth guards to protect your teeth from excessive wear and reduce headaches.

When You Are Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, there’s usually a major shift in hormone levels. These changes cause many expectant women to experience bleeding, swollen or red gums when brushing their teeth. While this is not something to be alarmed about, you still need to keep up with your dental visits and good dental habits. Vomiting frequently caused by morning sickness can erode your enamel. Pregnant women are advised to visit their dentists during their first or second trimester to prevent problems with their gums and teeth.

If You Have Diabetes

Good oral hygiene and healthy glucose levels is critical for a diabetic. Study shows that patients with both Type I and Type II diabetes have a higher occurrence of periodontitis and gingivitis than those without. It is vital to visit your dentist as often as you can when you have diabetes in order to maintain good oral health.

You Just Quit Smoking

Smoking is not only harmful to your health but can also damage your teeth. If you have just quit smoking, you need to visit your dentist to check your full mouth for signs of gum disease. Your dentist may recommend teeth whitening to correct teeth discoloration caused by tobacco.