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What You Need To Know About Superman Syndrome

superman syndrome

Superman is practically invincible, and can handle any problem that comes his way — for him, that means any type of bad guy. But in our world, the problems we face may be health problems, which can bring us down in sneaky and more powerful ways than Superman’s bad guys do. And the worst thing is, they tend to be more successful. Some people have the impression that they, too, can be like the comic book hero, but they are unfortunately only human and not immune to health problems. Though they may ignore health warning signs, assuming that the problems would go away, this does not happen.

It is troubling that so many people exhibit signs of this syndrome. A recent survey of both men and women by GSK revealed that only one in ten surveyed who noticed blood in their spit when brushing teeth actually would visit the dentist about it. Does this describe your behavior, or that of someone you know? Here are some helpful suggestions to reduce the risk of poor oral health by those afflicted by Superman Syndrome.

Don’t Use Your Teeth As A Bottle Opener

While it can be tempting to use your teeth to open bottles or jars when the normal methods fail, we strongly advise against it. This is one of the dangerous things you can do to your teeth, because it exerts a great amount of pressure on your teeth, which puts them at risk of cracking. It may be satisfying to crack open a bottle, but less so to crack your tooth — and that’s permanent! In addition, there is a chance that your tooth enamel may get scraped off by the metal or plastic cap of the bottle you are trying to open.

Alcohol In Moderation

In line with feeling invincible, we may feel that we can take as much alcohol as we want. But it is prudent to note that everything has to be taken in moderation, including alcohol! Alcoholic drinks like beer, white wine, and cider can be very acidic, which leads to dental erosion, where the top layer of your teeth is worn away. This can lead to pain and increased sensitivity.

Cantilever Bridges

Like traditional dental bridges, cantilever bridges work in a similar way by attaching false teeth onto dental crowns. However, the difference is that the pontic is supported by an abutment on only one side, as opposed to two like with the traditional dental bridge. This is ideal for missing teeth where there is only one natural tooth adjacent to the gap, such as at the back of your mouth.

The issue with these cantilever bridges though is that as they are only supported on one side, they may act as a lever, and possibly lead to complications like fractured teeth or loosened crowns. These are the non-invasive types of dental bridges available for patients seeking treatment. Find out more about seeking dental treatment from a top-rated expert in the NYC area today.