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What Can Wreck Your Smile?

wreck your smile

A smile is a beautiful thing, one that brings forth feelings of joy, warmth and happiness. Each individual person has their own unique smile, and each is equally lovely. But there are certain factors that can objectively ruin a perfect smile, and many of these can be avoided if you take some extra precautions. Check out our list of factors that can wreck your smile, and if any of these apply to you, we hope this article will help you take steps to change things for the better and restore the beauty of your smile.

Misaligned Teeth

Some children have misaligned teeth for various reasons to do with the process of growing out their adult teeth. If your child’s second set of teeth is looking to be misaligned, the best thing to do is get them on braces or invisible aligners as soon as possible. It’s best to do this at a young age as it usually is easier to align teeth for younger children than for adults, although adults can still see successfully aligned teeth with more patience (and perhaps more embarrassment).

Poor Oral Hygiene

Many of us enjoy eating  candies, gummies, and other sweet things, but they do damage your teeth if not properly cleaned afterwards. In particular, sour gummies are doubly dangerous because not only do they cling to your teeth, they also are much more acidic than sweet candies, which can cause plaque and bad breath. Also, coffee tends to cause discoloration to your teeth. If you find yourself partial to such smile damaging snacks, be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly to maintain good oral hygiene.

Sports Injuries

While many parents may send their children out into the playing field with a mouth guard, they often fail to protect themselves as well. Sports activities, in particular contact sports, can get pretty rough even during friendly matches, and accidents are bound to happen. Before your next weekend game, be sure to pop on a set of mouth guards so you keep your teeth safe in case anything unexpected happens during the match.

Habitually Chomping On Ice

We get that chewing ice can be a really addictive habit. Unfortunately, it may also cause cracks and chips in your teeth, as well as cause your teeth to be very sensitive due to the extreme cold. It is best to stop chewing on ice especially if you have sensitive teeth, so you can protect your teeth from further harm.

Oral Piercings

Piercings around the lip might be fashionable for some, but it is very important that the piercings are properly taken care of. Improperly cleaned or maintained piercings can very easily lead to infections that can cause redness, bleeding, swelling or even pus, so be very careful with piercings, and if possible try to avoid them.

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