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Top Reasons To Get Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain Veneer

You see them everyday when you go online – pictures and images of Hollywood celebrities with perfectly aligned teeth. It gets better with the fact that they are whitened to perfection. So they smile without worrying. You then wonder what you have to do to get there. To smile without feeling embarrassed about your discolored teeth that are poorly aligned. The solution lies in something you may have heard before – Porcelain veneers. Read on to learn more about them and why you should consider them.

You Wish To Make A Permanent Change

There are numerous options when it comes to the transformation of your smile. These options are in the scope of complexity, performance and cost. Porcelain veneers fall in the borderline of dental implants and professional teeth whitening but cost more than whitening. Veneers can solve problems like gapped, crowded, or even crooked teeth that simple whitening cannot. On the other hand, veneers is relatively cheaper than smile reconstructions that involve dental implants which cannot replace missing teeth or severely damaged teeth, which you will need an implant, crown or bonding.

Almost all the procedures for veneers involve processes that include removing a few tooth structures to fit porcelain “sleeve” on top and because of this they are irreversible. You will always have veneers once you get veneers and you should consider future maintenance and usual replacement when deciding to get them.

Physiognomy Is Important To Your Career

For many, a smile makeover is a health decision or a self- confidence decision but for some people it is a career decision and therefore it cannot be compromised. Some jobs stand in need of a very smart and sharp appearance where such appearances stand to be well rewarded and retained. In the entertainment industry, high standards of appearance are the reason that veneers are referred to as a “Hollywood” smile. There are other people for whom a substantial smile is a career asset such as politicians, real estate agents, receptionists, and even social media brand ambassadors. For these people, investing in their smile is a good long term decision.

You Have A Noble Oral Health

Just like any other dentistry procedure, the highly sought after porcelain veneers are strictly advocated for people with relatively great oral health. If you have been identified by a dentist at high risk for cavities or gum disease such as periodontitis then the dentist may beat the drum for you not getting veneers, or at least wait until your oral health or habits are better.

Teeth Whitening Products Do Not Work

Teeth discoloration does not respond well to traditional teeth whitening products for some people, whether they are over-the-counter kind or the professional grade kind. For instance, some antibiotics can change teeth color to grayish from the inside out, this means that teeth whitening treatments which are applied to the outside of the teeth do not have substantial effect. A person with this kind of staining can attain the white smile of their dream with porcelain veneers.

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