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Tips To Take Care of Your Back Teeth

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Back teeth are usually neglected, which then leads to long-term issues. The solution is straightforward: we must pay more attention to the back teeth. This involves using specialized brush aids, like a single brush, and regular check-ups with a dentist.

Reaching The Back Teeth

Reaching the back teeth may be more difficult due to the teeth positioning or the shape of ordinary toothbrushes. Therefore, even with daily brushing, portions of your back teeth will get neglected. And as you can’t always reach these portions even with your tongue, it is hard to tell if you have brushed your teeth or not.

For maximum reach and precision in brushing, consider specialized precision brushes – for example, the single brush CURAPROX CS 1006. It holds a small head equipped with soft bristles at heavy density. This enables you to reach far in, harder-to-reach sections with greater precision or impact.

How To Use a Single Brush

For the cleaning, toothpaste is not needed, but you can still apply it if you want.

Start with the lining of the tooth’s surface. Hold your CS Single erect and slowly place the tuft head over the gum line.

Move the brush using soft, prodding, or minor rotating movement about the gum line, from one side of the tooth to the next.

Once you have cleaned the external tooth ridges, remember to scrub the inside in a similar fashion. With CS Single, you can fully access all back surfaces of the wisdom teeth.

Then, cap the grinding enamel of your teeth. If you get a biting ache when brushing, it could be an indication of a cavity that has to be treated by your dentist.

Gum Recession

Your gum tissues are susceptible and must be managed with tender, attentive care to gums. The pointed tips of the plaque scrapers may inflict wounds upon your gums and lead to the receding of gum tissues. For tartar removal from home, you must purchase a kit that contains similar tools to those that dentists use to clean up your teeth, like metal scrapers. Usually, if you have the proper tools, you might be able to remove tartar. Still, the tartar is not all that you may withdraw.

Lack of Dental Training

Though plaque scrapers are obtained easily beyond your dentist’s office, it is not wise to apply plaque scrapers at home yourself. Plaque scrapers are medical equipment; it also requires training to use them securely without inflicting bruises. Dentists need to enroll in a two-year program and obtain their degree to get qualified to apply scrapers to patients.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your gums get injured from excessive scraping, the roots of your teeth might contact exposed. After this, you may find yourself experiencing difficulties eating hot food or drinking chilled drinks owing to heightened tooth sensitivity.

How to Remove Plaque Safely

The best way to remove plaque is to visit your dentist rather than use a dental cleaning kit from home. They will inspect your teeth and gums and remove plaque safely. If you are concerned about keeping your teeth clean in between dental appointments, there are other measures you can take at home. You should never attempt to use a dental cleaning kit at home. The safest way to remove plaque and tartar buildup is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Regular professional dental cleanings with dentists help ensure that you are doing everything to maintain your oral hygiene. Dentists will inspect your teeth and gums and remove the plaque safely so you can continue showing off those beautiful pearly whites.