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David Z.

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I had been grinding my teeth at night and because I drank coffee and so my teeth were stained and so I knew that I needed to have a better smile because I’m gonna be standing in front of audiences and talking- anywhere from 10 people to 800 people and I didn’t know I was like I have to have a better presentation right so it was entirely professional and then so that’s why I came together for the professional reason. So the very first day when I had the temporaries in I walked outside and I was on my way to work and I just noticed that I was smiling at people more and I couldn’t tell if I was just test driving it but then by the time I got into the city and closer to my job I realized that I was really like I hadn’t been smiling like I hadn’t realized that I was not smiling and that having the temporaries in gave me confidence that smile which I didn’t even realize I wanted to smile if you’re right for me which is just a business decision and so when people started smiling back at me it was nice it was like on right you smile people they smile back.