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Improve Your Smile And Teeth Via Inlay Restoration!

Inlay Restoration

Dental inlay restoration sounds like a mouthful, but you are probably more familiar with the other name for them — fillings. As a teenager, you may have already had to have fillings done, and they would be silver-grey and very obvious when you opened your mouth. Of course, with advancements in technology dental inlays are much more sophisticated looking today, and most of them cannot even be told apart from your actual teeth. These new types of fillings come with a whole host of positives as to why you should consider going for them.

They Fix Damaged Teeth

Jagged teeth, or cracked tooth cusps, need to be treated with dental inlays. This needs to be done in order to repair the damage to your teeth, and restore the teeth to its former glory. The tooth must first be treated and smoothed before applying the inlay to make the tooth look whole again.

They Strengthen Teeth

Dental inlays can save brittle teeth from crumbling or degenerating. If you want to keep your original tooth though it is starting to become fragile, you can rescue it with inlays and prevent further damage.

They Do Not Fall Out

Unlike traditional fillings or dental crowns, which may pop out, expand or contract, dental inlays are cemented in place and will remain for as long as they are needed.

Better Dental Hygiene

The cement and inlay will serve as an effective barrier against germs, and do not trap germs inside it. Of course, you still have to maintain your daily routine of brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash!

High Durability

Made from durable materials like porcelain and cement, these dental inlays can last you a lifetime. However, some patients do choose gold inlays for vanity, those will not last as long because gold is a soft metal, even if it is mixed with other metals it will tend to wear down over time.

Prevent Infections

Unlike other forms of dental treatment where there is a gap created, the inlay is firmly cemented to the tooth, forming a tight seal that protects the tooth from damage and from bacteria to get trapped in any gaps. This also prevents infections and inflammation caused by food particles being lodged somewhere in your tooth.

Pay Less Dental Bills In Future

Because dental inlays protect and restore your teeth, you are saving yourself from paying higher dental bills in future. Unlike traditional fillings that need to be replaced, inlays will last your whole lifetime. Also, as the inlays protect the teeth, there will be less dentistry treatments needed on your teeth in future.

Dental inlay restorations are perfect for saving weakened teeth, fixing previously done dental work that has degraded over time, and restoring your smile. Find out more about doing inlay restorations and many other types of dental services with Dr Alex Rubinov in New York City today, and read testimonials from the many satisfied customers who have engaged his services in the past.