How To Smile Naturally And Confidently | Dr. Alex Midtown NYC Cosmetic Dentist

How To Smile Naturally And Confidently

Smile Naturally

Smiling naturally and confidently is important for a person’s self-esteem and changes how other people view them. A person with a natural and confident smile would come off as more friendly and positive compared to a person with an awkward or forced smile. Here are some tips for you to smile naturally and confidently.


It is almost impossible to smile naturally and find the perfect smile overnight or in a single photoshoot. Having a natural and confident smile takes practice and you have to get used to it. Practice smiling in front of the mirror and notice your facial muscles and body posture. 

Which part of your facial muscles or cheeks is not symmetrical or smiling? What happens to your eyes and the corners of your mouth when you smile? Does your smile look awkward and are you smiling with only one side? These are questions that have to be answered if you want to develop a perfect and natural smile.

Pay attention to different parts of your face and your eyes as you smile. The most beautiful and natural smiles also involve smiling with the eyes. Keep smiling and working on your facial muscles in front of the mirror until you are satisfied with the smile and are familiar with the feeling of that smile. 

This is important so that next time in the photoshoot or if you are smiling at someone, you can notice the feelings and movement of your facial muscle that can tell you whether you are smiling naturally. You can also try practicing different types of smiles such as a half-smile, a fake smile, smiling with your mouth open and closed. This helps you to understand which smile works best for you and the differences between the smiles.

Smile More

If you want to smile naturally and confidently, then you should also smile more in life. Whether you are smiling at people or for a photoshoot, just keep smiling. Of course, you should only smile in appropriate situations and not when the circumstances don’t call for it. 

If you do not smile much, it may be hard for you to smile naturally in photos and your smile may come off as forced or awkward. Whether it is watching a comedy show, spending more time with your loved ones, or doing more happy activities, smile more and be happy. This also brings about health benefits for you such as reduced blood pressure, stress, and a stronger immune system.

Relax Your Facial Muscles

It is important to relax your jaw and facial muscles. One tip for smiling naturally in photos is to take a few seconds to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Smile only when the photo is about to be taken. This prevents your facial muscles from being too tired and allows you to relax your facial muscles and mentally prepare yourself for the smile. Another way you can relax your facial muscles and smile naturally is by thinking happy thoughts.

Invest in Dental Care for a Better Smile

When you have bad teeth, you may wonder how you can smile with confidence. You may be looking for ways to fix a crooked smile or maybe you are trying to hide your teeth. If this is a big problem for you, it may be worth seeing your dentist or another specialist. You might feel more confident about your smile after receiving good-quality dental treatment. Your dentist may prescribe braces or a mouth guard if you have a problem with your teeth.