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How to Maintain Oral Hygiene While Wearing Invisalign


Invisalign and other clear aligners help correct teeth anomalies while being practically invisible. Invisalign aligners are made of transparent plastic and are designed to fit into your teeth perfectly. This invisibility makes Invisalign a very attractive option for people who are looking to align their teeth but do not want something as obvious as braces. While Invisalign is good at aligning your teeth, you must always remember that you are still susceptible to gingivitis and many other gum diseases that come by due to lack of proper oral hygiene. Here are some tips on how to keep your mouth clean and healthy while on Invisalign.

Brush and Floss After Meals

When you are wearing Invisalign, the importance of this habit takes an even more important dimension. Not brushing your teeth after meals can lead to accumulation of food particles in the Invisalign and this, in turn, can significantly increase the chances of bacteria breeding on your teeth and leading to cavities and other dental problems. For this reason, dutifully brush your teeth after every meal. If you have to go to the office during the day, you can carry toothpaste and a toothbrush with you and brush your teeth after meals.

Clean your Invisalign Trays

Keeping your Invisalign trays spotlessly clean is important to your overall oral hygiene. Remember that these trays will be in your mouth for the most part of the day and can easily introduce bacteria into your mouth. Whenever you remove the trays (for example during meal times), always rinse them in cold water to remove any particles that might become embedded in the trays. After soaking them, use a second toothbrush (not your regular toothbrush) to brush off the loosened particles. Your dentist will instruct you on other ways of keeping the trays clean. Ensure that you follow those instructions to the letter.

Reduce Intake of Hot Drinks

Limit the number of hot drinks that you take as these may damage the plastic material that is used to make Invisalign trays. For them to be effective, these trays are designed to very specific dimensions and any changes caused by heat can render the Invisalign trays ineffective.

Go for Regular Checkups

Regular visits to your dentist are always a good idea but when you are using Invisalign, they become even more critical. Your doctor will probably ask you to come for an examination every six weeks to ensure that any anomalies are caught in time and fixed. It is very important to keep to this schedule and to inform the doctor of any abnormalities (pain, bleeding, etc.) so that these can be investigated.

Getting Invisalign treatment and subsequent follow up will produce the best results when you are dealing with an experienced dentist. Dr. Rubinov of New York City has a wealth of experience with Invisalign treatment programs and is one of the leading dentists in New York City. Get in touch with his practice at (718) 253-0800 for an appointment.