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How To Know When You Need To Replace Your Porcelain Veneers

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If you received the services of a knowledgeable, experienced dentist, and the materials used were high-quality, you should be able to expect your dental veneers to last an impressive period of time. The thing is… nothing lasts forever. Though considered a permanent fixture, veneers – if looked after properly – should last about 10 to 30 years at best.

How do you know when it’s time to replace porcelain veneers?

It may be time to visit the dentist if you notice the following signs, which can point to a much-needed replacement of your veneers.

Dark or Stained Veneers

In all probability, you decided on veneers – at least in part – for their aesthetic improvement capabilities. If you excessively consume highly pigmented drinks and/or food, (cola, coffee, blueberries, etc.) veneers can become stained, just like your natural teeth. But, unlike your natural teeth, they can’t be whitened in the same manner.

Additionally, over time, the veneer-bonding material can darken as well, which points to the need for veneer replacement.

A Decaying Underlying Tooth

To the underlying tooth, veneers are supposed to fit tightly. This way, they can block out bacteria that could cause decay. On occasion, however, decay can affect the supporting tooth if/when the veneer becomes loose. Before installing a replacement veneer, the decayed tooth will need to be treated by a dentist.

Wearing Your Veneers Feels Uncomfortable

It can become unbearable to wear your veneers if they’re too big for your teeth. They may also affect your bite or overhang. To have the issue taken care of, visit a trusted dental professional. No one should have to feel uncomfortable as the price for a beautiful smile.

Cracking or Chipping of Your Veneers

If your veneers look worn, are cracked, or are chipped, it’s time for replacement. Over time, they may wear out or, by biting on hard food, they can be negatively impacted. You may find it difficult to chew normally if your veneers are cracked or chipped, and they don’t look as nice, either.

You Notice a “Pulling Back” Effect on Your Gums

From your gums, your veneers may separate due to issues like poor oral hygiene or gum disease. This makes it look like your gums are receding or that there is a gap. Relatively soon, you need to have those veneers replaced. They (or your natural teeth) may fall out or become loose if you do have gum disease.

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