How To Ensure That Your Porcelain Veneers Last Longer | Dr. Alex Midtown NYC Cosmetic Dentist

How To Ensure That Your Porcelain Veneers Last Longer

how to make porcelain veneers last longer

Getting porcelain veneers outfitted is exciting, as they will improve the look and feel of your teeth. It is only natural that you want them to last as long as possible, so below are some tips for doing just that.

Treat Veneers Like Your Natural Teeth

Although dental veneers are resistant to staining and are designed to last a long time, they still need regular maintenance. You must treat them in the same manner as you would your natural teeth, with frequent oral care and hygiene which consists of flossing and brushing daily. Veneers that are not properly cared for will be subject to bacteria, gum disease, and tooth deterioration, just as with normal teeth. In addition to standard care at home, you should visit a dentist periodically for professional cleaning and inspection.

Protect Your Veneers From Stains And Trauma

In addition to bacteria, veneers are also vulnerable to impact trauma. Therefore, those engaging in extreme sports, outdoors activities or certain types of work should utilize mouth guards to protect them just in case they are struck in the mouth. Repairing damage resulting from impact trauma is costly and time consuming, not to mention the pain you’ll suffer so exercise caution and avoid horse play, fighting, or other activities that could result in veneer damage.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth While Sleeping

Some people also grind their teeth while asleep, which can damage the veneers over time. The dentist can remedy this problem by assigning you mouth guards which you can wear prior to falling asleep. While veneers are exceptionally durable and comprised of porcelain laminate, the excessive pressure which results from grinding can eventually chip them.

Use Specialized Toothpaste For Veneer Cleaning

Some dentists may recommend specialized toothpaste for the cleansing of the veneers. This toothpaste is distinct from standard paste in that it is not as abrasive, and is formulated to eliminate stains through dissolving without producing abrasive effects. Furthermore, specialized toothpaste will block the appearance of stains and plague.

Cease Bad Dental Habits

In order for your veneers to last as long as possible, you must discontinue bad dental habits. You should discontinue drinking coffee, red wine, dark juice or smoking cigarettes, as these are notorious for staining teeth. Rather than using standard mouthwash, which uses alcohol as an ingredient, switch to brands which are non-alcoholic. The reason for this is because the bonding materials within veneers will become weakened and loose by alcohol exposure.

The chances of your veneers falling apart is very unlikely, but if it happens the dentist can always reattach them, so long the veneer is not broken. If this is the case you will have to receive a bond which is temporary until permanent veneers can be re-fabricated in a laboratory. Dental veneers do wonders for oral health and appearance, but in order to continue doing so they must be correctly maintained.