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How A Smile Makeover May Boost Your Political Career

Smile Makeover May Boost Your Political Career

Many Americans have dreams of becoming politicians or serving in various public offices. Given that most of these positions require one to be elected into office, it becomes critical to manage one’s public image in order to stand a chance to win. To this end, many politicians have discovered that having a great smile is a useful tool when it comes to winning public office. In this article, we explain some of the ways in which a smile makeover can help your political career.

Image Matters

Many political novices tend to think that winning in politics is all about policies and issues. This is not true, however. Granted, it is important to have ideas about how to improve people’s lives. However, it is equally important to look good and a smile makeover helps in getting that done. While this may sound superficial to the novices, the reality is that people are drawn to attractive people. Countless studies have shown that people associate attractiveness with intelligence and tend to naturally trust attractive people. This is the reason why corporates use models to advertise their products. You too can use a smile makeover to boost your chances of being elected.

People Associate Smiles with Friendliness

When people smile at us, our instinct is to relax, and very often, we tend to smile back. A smile is a biological tool that enables us to communicate with other people without talking. Just like tears or laughter, smiles transcend language and cultural barriers. A smile in the United States means the same as a smile in Kenya. In all cultures around the world, a smile will often elicit the same reaction. By having a smile makeover done, you tap into this powerful biological tool that helps you connect with people from all over the world.

Smiling Improves your Advertising Tools

As a politician, you are likely to use a variety of tools to get your message out there. These include social media platforms, t-shirts, posters, banners, and much more. Since you are the candidate, you are likely to have a photo of yourself on most if not all of these tools. Having a smile makeover helps improve the aesthetic appeal of these tools and makes audiences likely to see them. If your image is not good, then these are likely to be ignored, meaning that you have just wasted a colossal amount of money and effort.

Health Benefits

So far, our focus has been on the impact of a powerful smile on your audiences. The reality is that a smile has many health benefits to you as well. Smiling helps to relieve stress and also lifts your mood. Given the grueling nature of campaigns, it makes sense to smile as much as possible on the campaign trail. A smile makeover helps you to do this with confidence.

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