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Functional Orthodontics in NYC

If you thought there was only one way used to straighten or align your teeth, then you might be surprised to learn that there isn’t. Dentists also use functional orthodontics to perform this task. Functional orthodontics can be used to treat adults and children, but not before the age of 7 years.

Functional Orthodontics Consultation

Functional Orthodontics Consultation

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What Are Functional Orthodontics?

Functional orthodontics are generally used to help correct an overbite. An orthodontist fits you with a removable brace for both the top and bottom parts of your mouth. It is designed to pull your teeth together, ensuring that when you bite, both sets of teeth align. It works by forcing your lower jaw to “jut” out to meet your upper jaw. This stretches the jaw muscles, which in turn is transferred to your teeth.

Why Get Functional Orthodontics?

The main reasons for choosing functional orthodontics are:

  • Correcting prominent teeth

    Functional orthodontics can bring a misaligned tooth into line with the rest of the teeth.

  • Reducing an overbite

    If either your top teeth or your bottom teeth jut out a lot further than the other then your bite can be affected. This can make it difficult to chew or can cause a pain in your jaw when chewing.

The Process of Getting Functional Orthodontics

The orthodontist will need to take a mold of both the bottom and the top of your teeth as the brace has to be custom-made to the shape and size of your mouth to work correctly. Once you have the brace fitted, you will notice it feels very strange in your mouth. It might feel as though it is” too big” but this will take a little time to get used to.  You may also find yourself producing a lot of saliva, as your jaw is being held in a different position. This is all perfectly normal.

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Functional Orthodontics In NYC

Dr. Alex’s practice has treated many patients with functional orthodontics. Patients know and trust his expertise and that is why they return time and again for their treatment. There are often several generations of families being treated by the practice, which is testament to the care and devotion they receive.

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