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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Midtown NYC

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

What is Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

These are surgical procedures to remove one or more wisdom teeth that don’t have room to grow. These teeth are referred to as impacted wisdom teeth and if they are not removed they can result in pain, infection or other dental complications. The extraction can only be done by either an oral surgeon or a dentist. A wisdom tooth extraction can still be done even when the impacted tooth is not causing problems as a preventive measure.

Why Get Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Dental specialists recommend one to get a wisdom tooth extraction if it causing problems or not. Having wisdom teeth makes one vulnerable to tooth cavities and gum disease. Having impacted teeth removed lowers the risk of having serious complications and potential risks as well. When someone does not perform a wisdom teeth extraction they risk problems like infection in the socket from trapped food particles or bacteria, damage to nerves and weakening of the jawbone.

The Process of Getting Wisdom Teeth Extractions

A dentist will administer anesthesia before he or she begins the extraction. There are three types of anesthesia (sedation anesthesia, local anesthesia and general anesthesia) and a dentist chooses one depending on the complexity of the extraction. During the extraction, the dentist will make an incision in the gum to expose the bone and tooth. He then removes any bone that is blocking access to the tooth.

Some wisdom teeth are divided into sections to make it easy to remove it. The dentist then removes the impacted tooth. He later cleans the site of the removed tooth and stitches the wound to promote healing although this is not always necessary. Finally, the dentist places gauze over the site of extraction to help a blood clot form and control the bleeding.

Why Choose Dr. Alex
Wisdom Teeth Extractions In NYC

Dr. Alex is a dental specialist who has years of experience in the dental practice. Our practice is able to handle both major and minor dental issues, including wisdom teeth extractions. Before any wisdom tooth extraction, we carefully assess the situation to determine if the impacted tooth needs to be extracted or not. Our practice has been awarded several distinctions, including the New York State Dental Foundation Dean Award, the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Award, and more.

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