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Bone Grafting in NYC

There are so many different dental procedures to help you keep your mouth the best it can be. You may consider dentures, crowns, inlays, onlays, caps, etc. However, what if your choice is dental implants but your jaw bone is too thin to support them? Or you have been without a tooth for so long that your jaw bone has thinned or shrunk in that area? Is there anything you can do? The answer is yes! Bone grafting helps gets to grips with the problem.

Bone Grafting Consultation

Bone Grafting Consultation

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What Is Bone Grafting?

This is the process where your dentist will attach a special material (or more unusually these days, bone from another part of your body) onto your jaw bone. As the material adheres to the jaw bone, it will create a stronger bone, and this will help to strengthen and thicken the jaw bone ready for your dental implants. It will take several months for this to heal, so you will need to be patient for your dental implants.

Why Get Bone Grafting?

You will need bone grafting if the bone is your jaw is not suitable for dental implants and you do not want to consider other forms of dental treatment. The benefits include:

  • Stronger bone

    A bone graft will help to keep the shape of the bone stronger for longer.

  • Helps avoid shrinking in mouth

    Bone grafting can help preserve the shape of the mouth.

  • High success rate

    Bone grafting has a high success rate, allowing you to obtain the dental treatment of choice.

  • The dental ridge is stronger

    In the event you may need dentures, the dental ridge is stronger allowing them to fit more snugly.

The Process of Getting Bone Grafting

Your dental surgeon will need to obtain a sliver of bone from elsewhere on your body, or more usually place pieces of bone grafting material on your jaw bone. This sounds like a simple process, but it may be uncomfortable afterwards for some time. You will need to undergo a general anesthetic in order to have bone removed from elsewhere on your body. Once the bone has been harvested it will be shaped so that it will fit in the required area of your jaw bone. The graft will be kept in place with whatever the surgeon deems is appropriate for you. Your gum will be stitched, and the healing process will start.

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Bone Grafting In NYC

Dr. Alex is qualified and trained in bone grafting procedures. He is committed to providing you with the best education and treatment for your teeth and is always happy to discuss and recommend any suitable alternatives.

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