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Root Canals in NYC

Everyone has heard the term “root canal” and shuddered with dread at the thought. However, dentistry has come a long way in recent years and it is not nearly so bad as it once was. Root canals are not done routinely, your dentist will take very careful measures and decide if this is the correct treatment for you, in order to save your tooth. Very often dental x-rays will confirm the need for root canals.

Root Canals Consultation

Root Canals Consultation

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What Are Root Canals?

The pulp that goes down the center of your tooth into the root, inside your gum can become infected and when that happens it can cause pain and sensitivity, or it can cause your tooth to become loose. Once the pulp is damaged it will die, but that may not be the end of the matter as the infection can spread along the root canals to your other teeth. Once the pulp is infected it cannot heal and antibiotics do not treat it. The only treatment is root canals, where the bacteria infection is removed.

Why Get Root Canals?

It is important to get help from your dentist if you develop toothache, for the following reasons:

  • Develop abscesses

    If an infection is left unchecked then it can spread throughout the gum putting more teeth in jeopardy.

  • Tooth decay

    Sometimes if tooth decay isn’t treated promptly it can reach the pulp inside the tooth causing infection.

  • Tooth injury

    Root Canals will remove the infection, thereby preserving the rest of your teeth.

The Process of Getting Root Canals

Root canals are highly specialized treatments for the bacterial infection. They are carried out under a local anesthetic. Your dentist will remove all the damaged tissue as well as any pus or bacteria that has accumulated in the root section of the tooth. The tooth will be completely cleared out of all decay if there is any present. The dentist will also remove the nerve tissue. A filling will then be installed down the inside of the tooth to the root canal. Very often a cap will be placed over the top of the filling to give added protection.

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Root Canals In NYC

Many people are worried about root canals as it can be quite invasive. However, Dr. Alex has been carrying out root canals for years and knows just how worried patients can be about this aspect of dentistry. Call now and schedule an appointment with Dr Alex Midtown NYC dental offices to mind at ease.