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Inlay Restorations in NYC

We all like to take care of our teeth, but the truth is the very food we eat contributes to the breaking down of the enamel and that can cause tooth decay. It is unlikely that you will get to old age without requiring at least one dentistry procedure, and sometimes you will require many in your lifetime. Once you have received a treatment on your teeth, e.g. an inlay, you will need to remove and replace it at some point, as even though they can last a long time, they don’t last forever.

Inlay Restorations Consultation

Inlay Restorations Consultation

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What Are Inlay Restorations?

Inlays are usually a kind of composite material that is placed inside the tooth. They are preferable to amalgam for some people. They are durable but will need replacing at some point in their life, especially of the rest of the tooth has deteriorated. Inlay restorations replace the initial inlays in your tooth.

Why Get Inlay Restorations?

There are a few reasons you may need your inlay restoration. Typically, reasons include:

  • Fractured teeth

    Your tooth may have weakened and become fractured or a little bit has splinted away so the original inlay no longer fits it completely.

  • More decay

    You may have developed more tooth decay, or even an abscess and the inlay may need removing. Therefore, your dentist will need to undertake a new impression of the affected area.

  • Inlay may have discolored

    Your original inlay may not have colored in the same way as your teeth have, so it may no longer look natural.

The Process of Getting Inlay Restorations

You will need to see your dentist to have the original inlay removed. Whether it is the first time you are attending for inlay restorations or it is to have your original inlays replaced, the process will be the same. Your dentist will need to remove the decayed material and take an impression of the area where the inlay will be installed. They will then place a temporary filling in the cavity to prevent sensitivity whilst the inlay is being created for you. On your next visit inlay restoration will be inserted after removal of the temporary filling.

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Inlay Restorations In NYC

Dr. Alex practice has a range of dentistry options available. If you are looking for an inlay made from materials other than porcelain, then we can help as we also offer inlays made from gold and you with this as well.

Why not call and schedule an appointment with Dr Alex Midtown NYC dental offices today for more information? We are ready to help you get the most from your winning smile.