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Dental Bridge Restoration in NYC

You may look after your teeth very well, floss regularly, brush them twice day with a good toothpaste, ensure your diet isn’t too acidic, but you may still lose a tooth. This can be due to it being knocked out, perhaps in a contact sport or an accident. If it is not knocked out completely, there may be the need for it to be extracted if it is wobbly or the root has been damaged. In cases like this, you may opt for dental bridge restoration.

Dental Bridge Restoration Consultation

Dental Bridge Restoration Consultation

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What Is A Dental Bridge Restoration?

A dental bridge restoration is required when a tooth or teeth are missing but there are still teeth at each side of the gap. A replacement tooth is created to go in the gap and it is anchored there by a crown that is attached to the teeth on either side, or in some cases anchored to just one tooth.

Why Get Dental Bridge Restoration?

Dental bridge restoration can be essential in some cases, but many people choose then for the following reasons:

  • Allows proper chewing

    Losing a tooth or more than one tooth can affect the way your jaw moves. It can also affect your ability to chew certain foods.

  • Keeps remaining teeth in place

    Once a tooth becomes dislodged or removed, the other teeth will spread. They may not completely fill the gap, but they will spread out and this will affect the overall shape of your face around the jaw.

  • Reduce feelings of self-consciousness

    Obviously a gap in the teeth can make people self-conscious about smiling. A dental bridge restoration can bring your smile back.

The Process of Getting Dental Bridge Restoration

The teeth that will support the dental bridge restoration will need some preparations to accept the crown, with the false tooth attached to it. You will have to have impressions of your teeth taken so that the bridge can be custom-made for you. It will take a short time to create the false tooth and the bridge, so you may be offered a temporary bridge in the meantime.

As with normal crowns, your teeth will be checked again, and the bridge cemented into place (if it is a permanent fixture). You may have to return to your dentist to check the bridge to ensure that it is in the proper position before it can be permanently cemented in.

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