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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction are synonymous terms used to define the process of reconstructing or restoring all of the teeth in both the lower and upper jaws.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

It typically involves restorative or general dentists performing procedures like veneers, bridges and crowns, and can incorporate dental experts like endodonists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and periodontists. The actual requirement for full mouth rehabilitation may result from:

  • Teeth lost due to trauma or decay.
  • Fractured or injured teeth.
  • Teeth becoming worn as a result of tooth grinding or long-term acid erosion.
  • Ongoing complaints of headache, jaw, muscle pain requiring adjustments to the occlusion.

Why Get Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Once you undergo full mouth rehabilitation, there are a number of benefits you can receive, including:

  • Healthy gums after treating gum diseases.
  • Pain relief due to improper bite and misaligned jaw.
  • Overall a confident and healthier smile.
  • With restoration of the lost bone in the jaw, there is a stable and strong foundation.
  • Refreshing and sharp facial contours which usually concave in due to missing tooth.

The Process of Getting Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Most rehabilitation involves multiple office visits. Depending on the situation, the treatment may take place up to 12 months, involving procedures like:

  • Periodontal care and prophylactic teeth cleaning.
  • Lengthening of crown to expose healthy tooth structure for possible bridges or crowns.
  • Gum tissue contouring.
  • Positioning temporary restorations to make you accustomed to new teeth and the feel of bite alignment.
  • Placing permanent restoration, such as bridges, inlays, veneers, crowns, made from ceramic.
  • Braces for perfection alignment of teeth.
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth.
  • Soft tissue or bone grafting to improve teeth stability.
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