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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an affordable, low-risk treatment for those with missing teeth. As the name suggests, it bridges the created gap, when a tooth is lost.

What Is Dental Bridges?

Losing a tooth can be a serious concern, as the nearby teeth can drift or tilt into the vacant space. The tooth in the opposite jaw may also move towards the space. This can cause pain or affect your bite by placing more stress on your jaw joints and teeth. A dental bridge acts as a replacement tooth that fills the empty space. It typically comprises of an artificial tooth or teeth, called pontics, held in place by a couple of dental crowns. It helps in keeping the natural contour of your face, and restoring your bite.

Why Get Dental Bridges?

There are many advantages to restoration of missing teeth with dental bridges.

  • No need for periodic removal

    Dental bridges are permanent fixtures done by cementing the anchor crown to the teeth, and there is no such requirement for periodic removal.

  • Get used to it within a short period of time

    Bridges are generally lightweight restorations. In comparison to removable dentures, which are heavier and larger, one can get used to bridges in a short period of time.

  • Excellent chewing comfort

    Chewing forces are not passed to the gums underneath, rather to the abutment teeth. Hence, mastication is performed in a natural way.

The Process of Getting Dental Bridges

The abutment teeth are prepared on the first visit of getting a dental bridge. The preparation includes restoring these teeth by eradicating a portion of enamel to permit space for a crown to be positioned over them. Teeth impressions are taken, which serves as a model from which the crowns, pontic and bridge will be made in the lab. A temporary bridge is placed, which is removed on the second visit.

A new metal or porcelain bridge is adjusted for achieving a proper fit. You may need to visit the dentist several times to check the fittings. If it is a fixed bridge, it may be temporarily cemented in place for two weeks to ensure proper fitting. Final cementing is done after a couple of weeks.

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