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Sealants, as the name suggests, are a type of coatings made of plastic. It is generally positioned on the occlusal (chewing) surface of the permanent back teeth, and it helps in protecting them from tooth decay.

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Sealants Consultation

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What Are Sealants?

There are ‘fissures’ in the occlusal surfaces of molar and premolar teeth, making them susceptible to decay. It can be tricky to clean these, as they are thinner than a single hair of a toothbrush. Over a period of time, cavities can develop, with the accumulation of plaque and the bacterial acid attacking the enamel.

While fluoride can help in preventing tooth decay, dental sealants offer extra shield for the pitted and grooved areas by offering a smooth surface covering the fissured region. Once the occlusal tooth surface has erupted totally beyond the gum, the first dental sealant is positioned on the groove of the first permanent molar tooth.

Why Get Sealants?

  • Cost-effective option

    Cavity treatment can be really expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance. Application of dental sealants in early stages of tooth decay can save you a lot in the long run!

  • Good health

    Tooth decay can quickly become a big issue leading to severe health problems. Dental sealants help you in boosting the long-term health of your gums and teeth.

  • Easy to apply

    Dental sealants can be applied quickly, without causing any discomfort or pain during the application. This is really good for kids or those afraid of dental treatments!

The Process of Getting Sealants

Firstly, the dentist will thoroughly clean the tooth surface with a paste, followed by water washing of the tooth, and leaving it to dry.  An acidic solution is then positioned on the grooved area for some seconds, before it is rinsed off. The microscopic areas and rough surface allow the sealant to attach to the tooth. Once the tooth is dried again, the liquid sealant is applied on the tooth, and left for hardening. It becomes more like a coating of hard plastic varnish, which can be used again as chewing surface.

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Sealants In NYC

At our practice, we are committed to dental excellence, with strong focus on meeting all our client’s dentistry needs, dental sealants included. Dr Alex is a fine graduate from the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and has received many accolades including the New York State Dental Foundation Deans Award, the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Award, and the American Student Dental Association Award.

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