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Dental X-Rays in NYC

Also known by the name of radiographs, dental x-rays are an important part of any treatment plan involving dental care. They are diagnostic, as well as preventative. It helps the dentist in diagnosing oral care problems in a patient’s mouth before it becomes a major issue. This type of x-ray is basically a type of energy that is absorbed by dense tissues after passing through soft tissues. X-rays penetrate easily through cheeks and gums, while the more dense bone and teeth absorb them.

Dental X-Rays Consultation

Dental X-Rays Consultation

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What Are Dental X-Rays?

There are different kinds of dental x-rays, which capture the mouth views from different angles. The most commonly performed ones are the intraoral x-rays, including:

  • Bitewing: It is mostly used for detecting cavities between teeth. It involves biting down on a particular piece of paper to ascertain how fine the crowns are matching up.
  • Occlusal: A dentist performs this type of x-ray to see how your upper and bottom teeth are lined up, when your jaw is closed. It also detects anatomical irregularities.
  • Panoramic: With a machine rotating about the head, the dentist checks your wisdom teeth, investigate jaw problems or prepare for dental implants.

The Process Of Getting Dental X-Ray

The procedure of dental x-ray will depend on the type of x-ray being performed. Bitewing is the most commonly employed x-ray process, where a piece of paper or plastic has an x-ray film right at the center. The patient needs to bite down on it. The dentist will place a scanner near the tooth outside the mouth, and shine radiographs through it. The film captures the required images. Whereas in digital x-rays, a sensor or electronic pad is placed in your mouth, and the captured image is sent to your computer. In panoramic x-rays, the scanner encircles your head, as you keep your chin stable on a tray.

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Dental X-Rays in NYC

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