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Find Out How Dentistry Impacts Us As We Age


Aging is not the same for everyone. Some enjoy the ride while others put up with it. Either way, the whole process is not easy. You may escape silver hairs but land head onto wrinkles. Expect a few extra pounds too and a smile that begins to break down. There is some good news though. Your teeth are immune to aging. That is if you take good care of them. Routine visits to your dentist should keep you safe. Then while at it, ask your dentist a thing or two about how dentistry affects us as we age.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Anti-aging dentistry is now more popular than ever before. You can have one, two or even more cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore your smile once your dentist gives you the green light. The benefits are immense as you are about to find out. With the right procedure, you can end up looking younger, happier, healthier, smarter and wealthier. Interestingly, nearly all aging complaints that are dental related can be easily reversed with cosmetic dentistry.

Stained Teeth

Teeth discoloration becomes a reality as old age begins to kick in. That explains why many old people have yellow or brown teeth. The discoloration is simply a side effect of aging. It may also have something to do with too much wine or coffee consumption. Your enamel bears the brunt over and over and as you age, it gives in and succumbs. Ultimately, it thins out and tooth stains come knocking.

The big question as far as staining is concerned is whether the stains appear inside your teeth or on the surface. If they are on the surface or extrinsic as dentists put it, then you have coffee, dark sauces, soda and wine to blame. If they are inside, then old age has most likely caught up with you. Either way, there is a solution – teeth whitening for extrinsic staining and porcelain or prepless veneers for intrinsic staining.

Sagging Cheeks, Weak Jaws And Missing Teeth

It is hard to separate aging and sagging cheeks or weakened jaws. Missing teeth, especially molars, also become common as people age. Unfortunately, many people consider missing teeth as a condition they can live with whereas it is a dental problem that can and should be fixed. This is for no other reason other than the fact that missing teeth interfere with the foundation and fulcrum of your smile as well as the integrity of the jawbone. Leave the missing teeth unattended to and you will most likely notice your skin begins to shift as your lips gradually curl inward.  Ultimately, your cheeks will also start sagging. Dental implants step in as ideal as they fuse naturally with the jawbone. They also support the foundation of your smile as they fill holes in your grin for a younger looking face.

Thin Lips

Plastic surgery easily pops up as a solution here. Unfortunately, it is not. Preplress veneers offer a permanent solution as they are designed to sit on your natural teeth. This results in fuller looking lips and a health smile.