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Can You Eat With Invisalign? 5 Things You Need To Know

can you eat with Invisalign

Eating whatever you desire over Invisalign therapy is because aligners that moved. You must remove your Invisalign aligners for eating meals. You should not chew with Invisalign on. Here are some things you need to know about eating with Invisalign.

Permanently Remove Invisalign Before You Eat

Invisalign works well. The aligners remain firm or shift teeth into straightened rows, methodically and carefully, piece by piece. The aligners were not designed to resist compression from chewing and biting. The aligners must usually be removed before eating, be these small bites or some lavish meal. Or you may break the aligners or disrupt your therapy.

Water Only

Invisalign aligners remain transparent and barely visible upon your teeth. The invisibility remains a significant portion of the benefits of this correction. For all aligners to stay clear, these must not get stained by fizzy soda or food. You may risk gradually staining your aligners when you drink or eat, except for water while Invisalign is installed. Also, these may somewhat thwart the purposes of a non-visible or low-key orthodontic treatment. Reserve the sodas or beer and tea for dining.

Don’t Be Tempted

You may feel it urges to “just have a bite” or “just have a little sip” having Invisalign installed adequately. Drinking or eating with aligners installed in your mouth is lethal – these might accidentally be damaged or stained with “just one” spill. Though this then proves to hinder inserting the Invisalign in and out of your mouth each time you seek to eat food, resisting discomfort and attachment, it’s necessary to take off aligners to preserve their intactness.

Most patients gain the chance to carefully consider the food they desire to consume – do they genuinely desire these snacks? Do they genuinely require some extra cups of coffee? Weight loss, for specific individuals, is an excellent additional bonus of donning Invisalign.

Brush and Floss

When taking off Invisalign to eat some food, the aligners must be kept safely in their box to preserve them, when you finish meals, floss and brush your teeth before putting the aligners safely back in.

Invisalign is made to cap closely over the teeth – all bacteria or food bits left underneath or caught across teeth may then stick onto tooth enamel and heighten the risks of decay. Flossing and brushing last over minutes. Your teeth might prove healthier and cleaner for it, while Invisalign treatment may persist as planned, lacking cavities.


Upon putting on Invisalign, you may persist in eating any food type you like. You don’t hold the restrictions that traditional braces hold. A bonus for users of either Invisalign Teen or Invisalign for grownups. Supposing you like crunchy foods or chewy meals, from chicken to cake crust to chocolate candy, you may freely eat all of these- when taking out Invisalign initially. If there are some things you won’t need to fret over with Invisalign, it’s modifying your meals.

Time Needed to Keep Invisalign On

How long do you have to wear a retainer? A practical habit to ideally maintain is that you might require your retainer for just a short time interval length above the time you kept your braces on. Hence, if you put your braces on over two years, expect to keep your retainers only for slightly beyond two years, while you could ease off from full days to just nights or merely several nights per week. After treatment with Invisalign, you’ll wear retainers for a period to ensure straight teeth.