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Can Dental Implants Fix The Shape Of Your Face?

can dental implants change shape of face

Dental implants are essential for many reasons. They are used in several procedures, including smile improvement, cosmetic dentistry after accidents, and to improve one’s quality of life. Implants have both physical and mental benefits to one’s health. The caveat is that they have to be placed by qualified dentists for the best results. Poor placement of dental implants does more harm than good and can result in complications, including infection and multiple surgeries.

Using dental implants can change the shape of your face for the better. This is achieved through multiple effects, including:

Promotion Of Tooth & Jaw Alignment

Dental implants are used to fill the gap due to lost teeth. Depending on the number of teeth lost, this can change your jaw and cheek definition, which will change the shape of your face. The correct dental implants reverse this, fixing the shape of your face. The preparation before implant placement is critical. Ending up with implants that do not fit or are the wrong size for your oral cavity will result in a distorted face. Designing the right implants is, therefore, critical.

When the correct implants are fixed, your tooth and jaw alignment will be precise. This results in a symmetrical facial appearance.

It Reduces Jawbone Shrinkage

Having missing teeth for a prolonged time leads to jawbone shrinkage. This is most prominent around the areas where there are missing teeth. The shrinkage is due to loss of bone density due to the lack of a tooth. In time, this makes the jaw look shrunken. Secure implants remedy this, especially when placed as early as possible. They maintain bone density and keep the surrounding bone strong. This also helps to maintain a more youthful facial structure.

Reduction In Tooth Damage

The absence of one or more teeth stresses the remaining teeth, especially when chewing. Problems arising from this include cracking, breaking of teeth, or a shift in the position of the teeth. This has a negative impact on facial symmetry. Dental implants reduce excessive pressure on the remaining teeth, and facial structure. The reduced stress also prevents further loss of teeth.

Using dental implants will do wonders for your facial structure. Remember how there is a golden ratio in terms of facial asymmetry? Well, this procedure will undoubtedly help your face become more asymmetrical and the jawline will look nicer in the longer term. The shape, position, and state of your teeth affect the jaw’s anatomy, affecting your facial structure. Proper placement of quality implants is a surefire way of improving the facial structure due to tooth loss.  Not only does using dental impact promote the jawline and tooth alignment, but it also reduces jawbone shrinkage and is a line of defense against tooth impairments. For maximum effect, seek dental implant services from renowned cosmetic dentists like Alex Rubinov. You will benefit from his in-depth knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and years of experience. You will be assured of getting dental implants that fit perfectly and last a lifetime. Feel free to contact his clinic for more information on dental implants and how you can benefit from them.