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Are You A Red Wine Lover? 7 Tips To Keep Your Teeth White

Teeth White

Due to its distinct flavor and advantageous health properties, red wine is a favorite beverage among wine aficionados. However, it can also darken and stain your teeth, making them appear lackluster. If you enjoy drinking red wine, you don’t have to give it up to keep your teeth bright. Here are seven suggestions to prevent red wine teeth while enjoying your favorite red wine.

Brush Your Teeth Before Drinking

The porous nature of food particles on the molars can cause them to absorb the color of red wine, resulting in teeth that appear purple. Brushing your teeth before drinking red wine can help to prevent this issue, especially in the difficult-to-reach areas of your lower teeth. Flossing can also be beneficial for eliminating food particles that are trapped between your teeth. To make sure you have a toothbrush on hand when you’re out with friends or enjoying red wine, keep one in your handbag, pocketbook, or glove box.

Use a Straw

Red wine tastes better when it is sipped through a straw because it avoids the molars and reaches the mouth directly. Red wine isn’t typically drunk with a straw, so if doing so makes you feel a little silly, think about moving to red wine-based sangria. Most people use a spoon to sip this liquid. 

Eat Foods While Drinking

While you eat carrots and other crunchy veggies, your teeth are being cleaned. Red wine and vegetables can both help to maintain teeth white and stain-free. Keep carrots on board if you regularly consume red wine at home.

Bring a veggie platter if you’re going to be imbibing at a friend’s home. This will give you something pleasant to deliver to your buddy and help guarantee that you have some crunchy veggies to consume when you get there.

Eat Cheese

It’s likely that you’re aware of the delicious combination of cheese and red wine, but you may not have known that cheese can also help to prevent tooth discoloration. The waxy coating on cheese forms a protective layer on your teeth, filling in any crevices and preventing stains. Additionally, the act of consuming hard cheese can help clean and protect your enamel.

Drink Water

Sparkling water can be used to dilute alcohol and keep your teeth from staining. Take a sip of wine first, followed by a sip of effervescent water, to accomplish this. Before ingesting, swish the water around in your tongue.

Teeth Wipes

While drinking red wine, teeth wipes are towels that can help remove food and wine marks. Teeth swabs come in a handy container that can be stowed in the glove box or carried in a backpack. Keep them on available in case you feel like drinking a tumbler of red wine at any time. 

Drink Lighter Colored Wine

Red wines with deeper hues have a higher propensity to discolor your teeth than those with lighter hues. Choose lighter-colored red wines like Beaujolais or Pinot Noir, which are less likely to permanently discolor your teeth.

Ultimately, You don’t have to give up your passion of crimson wine if you want to keep your teeth white. By using these suggestions, you can reduce the chance that your favored crimson wine will stain your teeth.