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15 Simple Dry Mouth Remedies To Try

dry mouth remedies

Dry mouth ocA drys when the glands that emit saliva aren’t functioning correctly. It additionally termes xerostomia or hyposalivation. Here are some simple dry mouth remedies to try.


Drink water over the day.


Employing a humidifier twice or once a day, particularly during your sleeping sections during the evening, may assist very much. Warm or cool mist all function; take a preferred option. There are distinct humidifiers, like personal petite models, several with face covers, or more than merely direct steaming in the air close by.

A Water Spray Bottle

Keep a spray bottle with water nearby and spray inside your mouth when needed to keep it wet. Adding a few drops of aloe or glycerin to the water can make it last longer or extend the moisturizing effects.

Glycerin (additionally termed glycerol) is a cheap, bland, and pesticide-free ingredient you may get at cake decorating shops or virtually. These are humectant, which implies it retains and attract moisture. Add a few pieces of glycerin to water, swirl it about in your orifice, and then spit it out. Also, brew an oral spray: Take four pieces of glycerin within a tiny spray container of liquid (4 ounces) and take this occasionally— you don’t need to spit these out. (Note: Do not place drops direct upon the tongue or within the mouths. You must dilute these within the water.)

Sugarless Candy, Lozenges or Gum

Having objects within the mouth can spur organic saliva formulation. Cinnamon, citrus, or mint are prudent flavor options when these are not excessively irritating or acidic. Look for substances containing aloe, glycerin, xylitol, or more hydrating liquids and sugarless sweets holding baking sodas accessible in many small drugstores.

More Moisture at Mealtime

Sip liquid between bites during meals. Adding condiments, gravies, soups, and may sauce may assist, also.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Alcohol and caffeine lead to excess dryness as these are diuretics.

Alcohol-free Mouthwashes

Alcohol may additionally dry out oral saliva. Many kids’ mouthwashes are non-alcohol, while multiple logos have a non-alcohol version.

Saliva Substitute

Consult your pharmacist about pharmacy products that may come as spray formulas or drops.

Prescription Pilocarpine Medications

Consult your doctor if this works well for you.

Frozen Melon or Cucumber

Try a water-rich refreshing slice over your cheek or gum for one or two hours. If it assists, get some thinly cut in a compact bag within the freezer and take one or more daily.

Oral Sprays or Nasal Wash

Keeping your nasal sections wet will help soothe dry mouths. Your dentist or doctor might be able to suggest several choices.


Some fiber laxatives function by taking water into the intestines and may perform similar tasks for mouths. Ask your doctor or therapist for ideal brands. (Do not swallow these, or they lead to diarrhea.)

Papaya Tablets

Papain, the enzymes in the papaya fruit, breaks down proteins or stimulates saliva.


Research shows this may remedy. For example, studies undergoing acupuncture over eight weeks eased xerostomia in cancer patients who took radiation treatments.

To Fix Dry Mouth, Make Your Mouthwash

  • Blend one mug of hot water with ¼ teaspoon baking soda with ⅛ spoon salt.
  • Swirl inside your mouth for a few seconds. Next, rinse out using water.
  • Repeat in three hours.

Take a personal humidifier and put liquids nearby to drink. Keep your mouth wet.