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10 Facts About Invisalign


There has been a fair share of media coverage on Invisalign which has gained popularity amongst braces-wearers over recent years. The clear brace technology that encompasses Invisalign makes it the preferred choice when users are considering putting on braces. It offers a much more discreet dental cosmetic approach.

Fact No. 1:

In order for Invisalign to function at an optimum rate, the aligners are to remain on your teeth most of the time despite being removable. The times they should be off are only during eating, flossing, and brushing. For the rest of the day which is approximately 22 hours daily, you should be sporting them.

Fact No. 2:

Cleaning your teeth each time after you eat would become essential. This is to help minimize the risks of infections or decay during the entire period of treatment. You would need to brush and floss thoroughly to get rid of any food remnants in the nook and crannies.

Fact No. 3:

The Invisalign is a dental treatment that works but it takes time like any other forms of braces. It is not magic so set your expectations straight and continue the regime as how it has been set during your treatment schedule.

Fact No. 4:

Feedback from 54% of Invisalign past users have mentioned that they only experienced mild pain throughout the entire course of treatment. 35% of them did not feel any uneasiness at all even when switching to new aligners. The mild discomfort felt was mainly due to the pressure required during the re-alignment of the teeth.

Fact No. 5:

Invisalign may have limitations which can be assessed by a dental professional. It is likely to be recommended for mild cases of malocclusions to moderate level and may also be suitable for a handful of severe cases too.

Fact No. 6:

Invisalign users need to reduce drinking beverages that cause stains on their teeth like wine, tea, and coffee. If you have to drink any of those, do brush your teeth before wearing the aligners back on.

Fact No. 7:

Cleaning your aligners is pretty simple with just mild detergent or soap. The harsh ingredients of toothpastes may cause bacteria to build up inside and cause an unpleasant smell on the aligners. Thus, avoid them at all costs.

Fact No. 8:

Users need to adhere to the allotted meal timings strictly but the hassle of removing the aligners just to eat something would already be sufficient to automatically coerce users to keep to this routine on their own accord.

Fact No. 9:

Though that is the name given to these aligners, they are not literally invisible. However, they are obviously much less visible than metal braces.

Fact No. 10:

Every dentist differs in their level of expertise, so perform a little research on your own to get the best practitioner to fix your aligners to get the desired results that you have in mind.

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